Lima Akter

Business Development Manager at travelling

We need some people for a business project of an international company. Bangladesh🇧🇩 including 👉who are ABU DHABI🇦🇪 Oman🇴🇲 Qatar 🇶🇦 Saudi Arabia🇸🇦 Bahrain🇧🇭 Kuwait🇰🇼 Italy🇮🇹 Singapore🇸🇬 Malaysia🇲🇾 Jordan 🇪🇭 Nepal🇳🇵 Sri Lanka🇱🇰 India 🇮🇳 Iraq 🇮🇶 South Africa 🇿🇦 Pakistan🇵🇰America🇺🇲Bhutan🇧🇹 China🇨🇳 Morrisers 🇲🇺 🌎 wherever you are in the world,,,,, If you want to earn (Extra) income by using free time and weekends besides work, then contact. If you want, you can join us and do this business... Besides your job and your studies and a house wife can also do this business. Company benefits. 1- Free joining arrangement. 2- Free training center...