Sean | IslandDAO 🌴

Venture Capitalist at Bigwing Venturetech Ltd

β”³β”»| _ β”»β”³| β€’.β€’) β”³β”»|βŠ‚οΎ‰ ✨ Tech Tropics Takeover: 🌴 IslandDAO Sets Sail from Governance to Greatness with VentureDAO Evolution! πŸ‘€ "The IslandDAO's transition from a governance DAO to a VentureDAO marks a significant chapter in the organization's journey, reflecting a strategic shift towards actively fostering economic growth and technological innovation throughout the Caribbean. This evolution is characterized by a deeper commitment to identifying, nurturing, and investing in promising tech ventures across the region. As a governance DAO, the IslandDAO primarily focused on decentralized decision-making and community governance, laying the groundwork for transparent and inclusive...



Venture Capital