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Alcyone (Eta Tauri, 25 Tauri) is a star system in the constellation Taurus. It has a right ascent of 03h 47m 29.06 s and a declination of +24° 06' 18.9". Its apparent magnitude is 2.85. Considering its distance of 368 light-years from Earth, its absolute magnitude is equal to -2.41. It belongs to the spectral class b7iii. he is a member of the Pleyades. observational Taurides (J2000) Constellationontaurusasc. reta03h 47m 29.06 sdeclination+24° 06' 18.9"[1]apparent magnitude 2. 85 characteristicsspectral typeb7iiiastrometredistance 368 light-yearsabsolute magnitude-2.41 other designations 25 Tauri (Flamsteed designation), HD 23630, HIP 17702 What drew me most to Alcyone's attention was its...