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Jakotu Miscellaneous

Chapter 1 Dhanyakumar 1.2 While burying his newborn's umbilical cord in the forest, Dhansar Shrestha discovered a pot filled with gold coins. Believing this fortune was due to the newborn, he named the child Dhanyakumar. Raised with great care and love, Dhanyakumar grew into a bright and talented boy. By the age of eight, he excelled in his studies and brought prosperity to the family. Dhansar was immensely proud of him and often praised him, which sparked jealousy in Dhanyakumar's three older brothers, Dhanadatta, Dhandev, and Dhanchandra. They complained to their father about the unequal treatment despite their hard work. Dhansar, acknowledging their efforts, gave each of his sons 300...