Bonus #1: Hashtags, Stories, and Highlights

Instagram stories are very similar to Snapchat stories. By implementing stories in your Instagram, you can constantly provide your followers with content. You can even do behind-the-scenes videos, real-life activities, polls, and much more.

A great incentive for growing your account to 10k followers is the fact that you get the “Swipe Up” feature on your stories. This is an amazing feature and a fantastic way to drive even more traffic if used properly.

One of the newest features to Instagram is Highlights.

This is a cool add-on because it allows you to select your top stories to put on your profile page. Not only does this add more value to your profile, but it also gives you the ability to drive more traffic to your sites if you have 10k followers because, when people view your highlights, you can put different links in there instead of your profile link.

Even before you get to 10k followers, putting highlights on your profile gives you the ability to drive more traffic.

Stories/Highlights and Lives are used for engagement, but with Lives you are engaging with your followers in REAL TIME. We will discuss this further in the next step.

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