Instagram Course Introduction

This is not going to be an overnight thing, so if that was your intent then stop now.

Growing an account “organically” takes time- anyone can buy followers or pay for advertising, but it is not the followers that make your Instagram successful, it’s the engagement. It’s
the real people, that are following, liking, commenting and messaging you because they are genuinely interested in what you are doing.

That is what I’m going to show you how to do. You have to give to get: You’re probably reading this because you want followers and likes, so does everyone else on Instagram.

BUT if you want to get followers and likes, you need to give follows and likes.

You have to put in the work to grow your Instagram. Sure, there are ways to accelerate that growth and I will be sharing those strategies with you, but you must understand this will take time. This will require you to be using Instagram a lot, but as a creator and not as a consumer.

You have to master Instagram. You have to be so good on Instagram that people start to take notice and start following you because they really love your content.

The reason I’ve been able to grow 3 separate accounts over 10k in a year is because I developed a system that works, and it’s not just about posting a bunch and using hashtags like everyone else. This system will work for anyone, and if you actually follow the steps I go through in this blueprint you will get to 10k Followers.

Follow these steps, take action and become an influencer.


Michael Marra
CEO/Founder of ME Group

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