Step 10: Utilize the Link in Your Bio

You must capitalize on your link. This will drive most of your traffic besides direct messages.

This is sooooooo important. It amazes me how many people don’t have a link in their profile or it goes to some complex website with a bunch of things to click on and read.

You need to drive your traffic to specific landing pages or sites that have them do a very specific task. If you send someone to a website where they can click around to a bunch of things, your conversions are going to be very low.

You can change your link up with your posts from time to time if you have a specific call to action in your post.

Another tip is to go to and create a link to use in your profile. By doing this, you can actually track your clicks.

If you change your link up or have a call to action during certain days, you’ll be able to see what posts and campaigns work the best.

You can also get a lot of click analytics if you create a business account and go to the insights tab.

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