Step 5: The Art of Posting

Posting consistently is very important, but the quality is more important. If you don’t have good content, nobody is going to want to follow your account.

If you’re struggling to find high quality pictures and content, consider getting open source pictures from or another royalty free site.

You can also repost the pictures from other relevant accounts. Just make sure to give them credit for the picture by tagging them and/or including them in the description with #repost or just use the app called repost - it is super easy.

An app that comes in handy when posting is called square fit. When posting on Instagram you always want to make sure your image takes up the full frame. However, some images/pictures you take or find are rectangles and aren’t totally square. So, with this app you can make perfectly square photos easily plus add text and a bunch of other cool features to spice up your posts.

Another thing a lot of people do is create videos with a feature picture that has writing on the top and bottom like a meme. This can be effective so all you have to do is take a screenshot of the video and then go into the square fit app and add text to the top and bottom. Then when you post the video you can set that as your
featured image.

If you want to get more advanced, you can add text into the actual video by editing it in adobe premiere pro(paid) high quality, lightworks (free) medium quality or just hire a freelancer to do it for like $5.

Posting is a lot about just experimenting and seeing what does and does not work. You need to test out things that work well for you because everyone is different and a video someone else posts may do really well for them, but then it does nothing for you.

Test, Experiment, Iterate, and Keep posting consistently!

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