Follow Influencers' Followers

Base this step off your findings from Step 4 when you researched
your niche and the influencers in your niche. Now you’re going to
go to all those influencers you identified and strategically follow all their followers. These people have already been pre-qualified.

When it comes to growing your followers, you HAVE to follow other accounts at the beginning. The easiest way to get people to follow you back is to make sure you’re in the right niche. If you interact with the members of your target audience, they’ll look at your profile, and hopefully follow you.

The goal is to:
1. Find as many people in your target audience (from influencers)
2. Make sure they are a real/legit account (lot of fake ones out there)
3. FOLLOW, FOLLOW, FOLLOW (at least 50 per day)
4. Unfollow accounts who do not follow back within 48 hours

You want to keep the number of people that your account follows to be minimal. When an account has a small number of followed accounts, and large number of followers, it is considered to be higher quality and it is more likely to be followed. Make sure you’re never following more than 2.5x the number of followers that you have. If you hit this maximum you should unfollow any low quality people that haven’t followed you back.

On social media, following someone is a “BIG DEAL” so the more people that you follow, the more people that will follow you back.

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