Step 8: Direct Messaging to Drive Traffic

The magic happens in the DMs. This is where you are going to drive the most traffic and get the most leads.

Direct messaging is one of the most important features on Instagram and you must use it correctly to grow your following. You need to be as genuine and authentic as possible with your comments and especially your messages.

So, there’s outbound and inbound messaging.

Outbound messaging is where you are the one sending the first message. As soon as you start following someone, you can send them a message. Now, some people have auto-messages and send people a very generic message. You need to be genuine and unique with your messages.

Inbound messaging is where you are getting people to message you first. This is ideal. When you start following, liking, and commenting on other accounts in your niche, you will inevitably start having people message you like you see in the pictures below from one of our company accounts. The top one with the red 19 means we have 19 unread messages and the bottom one that says 65 requests means that 65 people have messaged us first.

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