5 Tips To Scale Your Company Successfully

5 Tips To Scale Your Company Successfully

Every founder has a vision, and it usually looks like this: build a company that solves problems and then make sure their company grows as quickly as possible. Of course, it’s much easier said than done. Countless startups and companies worldwide have encountered obstacles they can’t seem to overcome.

What are some tips that can help you avoid these pitfalls? What happens if your startup is successful, but you feel like it’s hit a plateau? Even if your company is growing: how can you ensure your company grows the right way? Here are five tips to help you scale your company to success.

Learn How To Delegate

If you are serious about scaling your startup, then there’s one thing you must understand: you can’t do everything. Founders need to define roles clearly, and figure out what can be delegated so that the company can grow without involving themselves in every decision.

Entrepreneurs can’t micromanage their team members if they want to scale quickly and successfully. There’s another obvious point: employees don’t want to work for someone who doesn’t respect their autonomy and freedom. By learning how to delegate effectively, you can build trust among team members, give you the time and ability to focus on more “big picture” tasks, and help enforce hierarchy within your organization.

Build The Right Company Culture

You’ve probably heard the term “company culture” quite often. Your organization’s company culture can affect so much: it can make your employees more productive, help them feel better about their role, and motivate them to develop better relationships with co-workers. With the right company culture, you create a company where employees are motivated, engaged, and interested in their work.

“Company culture” is a company’s values, ideas, attitudes, and goals. It’s not just about outlining long-term goals: company culture is also defined by the way your employees act/interact with each other. Employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated in a positive company culture. Your employees might feel undermined, underappreciated, and disengaged with a toxic company culture.

Organizations with the right company culture not only retain talent: they help attract new talent, as well. If you are serious about long-term success, you may find that the most productive and talented candidates will be drawn to your organization if it has the right culture.

Study Your Competition

For your company to scale, you must have a “big picture” idea of what your company wants to accomplish. With competitive analysis, you can learn more about your competitors and use that research to your advantage. It might involve obtaining answers to questions like this:

  1. How much market share do your competitors have?

  2. What are the major trends affecting your sector/industry?

  3. What are your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses?

  4. What market gaps exist that your company can take advantage of?

Founders can find out an incredible amount of information through research. What do your competitors’ marketing campaigns look like? Are they targeting new demographics, and why? What industry-relevant technological trends are they embracing? By understanding what your competition is doing, you can adjust/tweak your practices and messaging to steal more market share, increase profitability, and identify gaps that can help your company scale faster.

Listen To Your Customers

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get distracted. You might have to deal with all sorts of people on any given day: vendors, partners, investors, employees, contractors, marketers, executives, and more. It can be draining, but you should always remember that there’s one group of people that will determine the future of your company the most: your customers.

The best brands in the world are able to build a community around their customers, listen to their feedback, and use that feedback to improve their products and services. A company that listens to their customers can improve their customer experience, fuel customer loyalty, and reduce churn rates significantly. You may even identify key details about your products or services that your employees haven’t noticed, which can also help you scale

Find Funding

There are lots of ways to grow a company. Some entrepreneurs are able to grow thanks to their marketing/sales campaigns, with some companies even scaling thanks to social media. Fashion Nova is a great example of a clothing brand that fully embraced Instagram and influencer marketing, and it’s a company that quickly became the most Googled fashion brand in the world.

Unfortunately, Fashion Nova is an exception to the rule. Startups usually need more money to invest in marketing, hire better talent, and expand to new markets. Many startups need financing to sustain day-to-day operations, as well. Whether you’re a startup just trying to make it through the year or a company looking to acquire major assets, finding funding is one of the most prominent and straightforward ways for a company to scale.

Entrepreneurs have to figure out how they want to raise money and why. Venture capital funding can go a long way towards scaling a company, but it also might dilute equity to the point where it affects how the business can grow. Companies can also consider angel investors, incubators, and small businesses funding options. Startups also turn to crowdfunding as another way to scale quickly and successfully.