Anti-Cancel Culture Streaming Platform, Rumble, Goes Public

Anti-Cancel Culture Streaming Platform, Rumble, Goes Public

Andrew Tate and Donald Trump are back on social media, but not on a major platform that you likely use every day. They have instead decided to take their content to Rumble, a growing conservative competitor to YouTube that promises to be “Immune to cancel culture.” And, after a successful SPAC vote with Canter Fitzgerald Acquisition Corporation, the company is now being publicly traded under the ticker “RUM”, and there are a lot of eyes on it after they’ve managed to get Donald Trump, Andrew Tate, Alex Jones, Steven Crowder, and so many more major influencers in conservative media to sign deals and/or begin posting content exclusively on the platform.

The stock began trading on Monday, September 19th, and it soared almost 40% on its first day on the market. According to Rumble CEO, Chris Pavlovski, the $400 Million that they raised from going public will be going towards acquiring new creators for the platform. Pavlovski went on Fox Business Monday morning to discuss his plans in further detail. You can check out that interview here.

It’s obvious that Rumble has ambitious plans for its future and really wants to take advantage of the massive fanbases of conservative influencers that have been yearning for a platform with minimal censorship. Rumble initially gained popularity beginning in 2013 by allowing uncensored conservative media to be released on the platform, but it did not massively scale until it implemented a video posting feature and was able to onboard President Donald Trump. The president grew the company exponentially and now, with the acquisition of Andrew Tate, the app’s downloads have soared by over 250%, pushing Rumble’s total installations to 7 million, with no plans of slowing down. Rumble’s CEO also mentioned that they do plan to diversify their content, and are in conversation with rappers, gamers, artists, and more who want to get involved.

Rumble has also stated that it plans to implement its own cloud service, which it hopes will "ensure continuous operations independent of providers with more stringent content policies," as well as an ad network. It’s rumored that Donald Trump and his media company, Truth Social, are a potential early customer of this feature.

Based on these impressive numbers and acquisitions, as well as all of the controversy and hype surrounding Andrew Tate, Donald Trump, Steven Crowder, and so many more Rumble creators, a lot of people find it to be likely that this company will continue to grow at an exponential rate, especially now that it is being traded publicly. However, in such a wild market, only time will tell how this major move will play out for Rumble.

*None of this is financial advice nor is it an endorsement or an opposition of Rumble.