The BUIDL The Future Web3 Hackathon Is Here

The BUIDL The Future Web3 Hackathon Is Here

At Entre, we believe that hackathons are one of the most significant ways for Web3 teams to develop and scale Web3 solutions while also raising the profile of your team or organization. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re helping to power the BUIDL The Future Hackathon along with HackerEarth.

The BUIDL The Future Hackathon offers Web3 teams and products a unique opportunity to earn funding for their projects. The goal is to rally the global developer community to solve some of Web3’s most pressing challenges while creating products for the next generation of Web3 users. 

The future of Web3 requires innovation, and hackathons help make that kind of innovation possible. BUIDL The Future is a two-month-long online hackathon backed by some of the most important companies in the Web3 sector, including Entre, HackerEarth, Coinbase Cloud, Coindesk, and more. 

Will You Help BUIDL The Future?

Entre is proud to announce that we are powering BUIDL The Future, a global Web3 hackathon, along with HackerEarth. Registration is already open and will remain open until December 15th at 6:29 PM EST. 

You can also click here to learn about the exciting events that will kick off on October 31st and continue until November 11th. Panels will explore relevant topics such as “What is the metaverse,” enterprise blockchain, data privacy, and more.

The hackathon is also sponsored by other notable organizations such as XDC, Polygon, Klatyn, Aleo, Unstoppable Domains, and Lbank. The hackathon will offer all teams the opportunity to win funding that can help them launch their new project or venture. 

There are over 20 ways to win funding or gain additional support from the BUIDL The Future Ecosystem. One winning team will also secure a $100,000 grant from XDC!

What else do I need to know about the hackathon?

First and foremost, the hackathon is completely free. You will not need to pay at all to participate, and there are no specific qualifications required to be a participant. While the entire idea does not have to be fully implemented, the submission should be functional to get a fair review from the hackathon judges.

There are no restrictions regarding programming languages, technology stacks, or libraries. You also don’t have to demo the product you’ve built, and the developer/developers who created the web/mobile application will have all the rights and IP to the product. 

What problems will the hackathon participants be looking to solve? BUIDL The Future wants teams to create the next project that could potentially onboard the next 100 million users into Web3.

Here are the following themes for the BUIDL The Future Web3 hackathon:

  • DeFi, or “decentralized finance,”

  • Wallet and dApps, or “decentralized apps,”

  • The metaverse and NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,”

  • DAOs, or “decentralized autonomous organizations,”

  • Web3 for public good,

  • And bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3.

Many intelligent and motivated people will be needed to help usher in Web3. Entre is ecstatic to help motivate teams that will help solve current Web3 issues and encourage them to build original solutions. 

The hackathon is also possible thanks to Coinbase Cloud, which allows users to create Web3 apps for free. Coinbase Cloud enables Web3 developers to build and monitor Web3 applications and get instant read/write access to blockchains and powerful data indexers.

Teams will also have access to Web3 VCs, accelerators, and incubators to help them scale their projects. Interested in registering for the BUIDL The Future Web3 Hackathon? Click this link for all relevant information: https://joinentre.com/event/634dbb41e5d6300019ab6fdf