What is Entre?

What is Entre?

As our world transitions into Web3, the decentralized, user-owned network with infinite possibilities, it can be difficult to know where to go to get involved. Well, look no further. I want to introduce you to Entre, the Web3 professional network.

Built and focused on the mission of supporting Entrepreneurs, Creators, Investors, and Freelancers, Entre offers the new wave of Web3 workers a place to call home. With a design that promotes economic opportunity, people from all around the world are able to come together to create, connect, meet, learn, and grow both personally and professionally.

New users are met with open arms and are introduced to a large collection of tools provided to help them kickstart their Web3 career. Let's break some of those tools down.

1. Network

Packed with over 50k current users (and rapidly growing,) Entre's network tool allows users to follow and message thousands of creators, entrepreneurs, and more who call Entre their home. This allows new users to easily connect with like-minded individuals and begin crafting their Web3 network. Entre is also introducing a "Communities" function very soon in which users can be grouped together with others that have similar interests and goals.

2. Marketplace

With a growing desire for remote work, many professionals are left wondering where to look for authentic, high-paying remote opportunities. Entre provides users with a marketplace chock-full of remote jobs posted by some of the top companies in the world including Amazon, Google, Meta, and more. This list is updated daily and is miles ahead of any other hiring platform in terms of authenticity and value for users.

3. Calendar

No network would be complete without a way to share ideas, thoughts, and skills with others. Entre's calendar tool shares daily events and live streams hosted by some of the top creators in Web3. These events range from morning yoga sessions to Investor rooms in which founders can pitch their million-dollar ideas to investors with the capital to make their dreams a reality. There is truly an event or live stream for EVERY type of user.

4. Entre Pro

Entre's paid option, Entre Pro, is built for the users and companies who are serious about making their mark in Web3. With access to exclusive tools, events, and features, Pro users will be getting the most value out of what Entre has to offer.

Entre Founder & CEO, Michael Marra, just made a brand new tutorial, walking new users through all of the tools I mentioned, and more! New users should check it out below!

Entre continues to be the most innovative and valuable Web3 platform, and I highly recommend it to any professional who wants to take their career and network to the next level.