A creative technologist and artist and interested in exploring the intersection of technology, art, and social justice. https://linqapp.com/444InvestMints https://y.at/☠️🆚👻✍️ Making sense make cents since 1999. https://y.at/poison.vs.ghost.write Goal: Make currency convenient for people! https://invitation.codes/@Freenft Issue: Traditional currency is no fun! Solution: The EmPiwerment Circuit         NWH         /  I  \ NWK        NWT I=You/US =Passive income =Balance NETWORK Intelligence -Ability to acknowledge a problem or make a friend that compliments solutions. NETWIDTH Time\Velocity of service- How fast can you make a sale or provide service from locally to globally? NETWORTH Responsibility of resources \ Action What all you can do within a period. Project potential. Work=Radical Action Success=Work over time A simple matrix can be established using Fibonacci sequencing.  One member brings in two members.  Those two members bring in just one member each. This simple spread will equal the full 15 members to complete a single community sub-class. Curator or Contributor.  1<3<7<15   =1<11<1111< 11111111 45 Member Matrix= 3|3|3|3|3| 3|3|3|3|3|      3|3|3|3|3| A full community should matrix out accordingly and naturally with an incentive to balance the community value.  Demo: (http://0-0.company.site) •Humility 9 •Patience 8 •Temperance 7 •Kindness 6 •Charity 5 •Chasity 4 •Diligence 3 •Love 2 •Light 1 Level up! Following this system from up to down and up again could unlock community features and the Divinity within. 15 *3 = 45 Members at 0.27PiH per views/member ​ What goes around comes around. Let"s go around the world! We are in the middle of it all! With gamification, we can bring this network to life! With EmPiwerment we can introduce a social leveling system based on natural energetic progression. Photos can be NFTs for sale Games could be collected and cultivated by Pioneers. Co-creating games and apps within the network encourage coding and business infrastructure. We learn to teach and teach to learn.  The goal will be to complete a community matrix to maximize the network potential.  The community matrix is projected for 45 members. Our communities should consist of 3 subgroups.  1. Contributors-Network details and initial funding:Contributors (15)+(5) 2. Curators - Common Pioneers looking to bring value to the network: Curators(15)+(5) Co-Operators- 3 groups of 5 as ADMIN 3. Co-Operators- a special subclass of creators looking to fill in the gaps. To be continued... Persistence leads to prosperity +Understand the divine law Light will penetrate the darkness. 🪄 ✨️ 🖤Service- NWH ❤️CHARACTER 🤍Connection-NWK 💙ABILITY 💜ID- NWT 💛PURPOSE 💚TOOLS 🧡QUEST 🤎NAME ❤️ 💙 💛 💚 🧡 🤎 MODERATION, DILIGENCE, PURITY, GENEROSITY, BLESSING, HUMILITY, PATIENCE 🖤 CLAIRVOYANCE 🤍CLAIRAUDIENCE ❤️IMAGINATION 💙HEARING 💛MEMORY 🧡TASTE 💚TOUCH 💜SIGHT 🤎SMELL 🖤BLINDNESS 🤍ERROR ❤️ANGER/WRATH- Uncontrolled hate. 💙ENVY-Jealousy towards happiness. 💛PRIDE-Inflated sense of accomplishment. 🧡GLUTTONY- Overindulging. 💚GREED- Excessive desire for materials. 💜SLOTH- Laziness, lack of effort. 🤎LUST -Uncontrolled sexual craving. The 5 senses lead to the sins of men which will obliterate you.




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