At Cycle we are creating a smartphone that gets faster over time not slower. Our mission is to end the cycle of disposable technology that is only getting worse as more people gain access to affordable computing. We offload all the computation from your device to a supercomputer, giving our users an experience that only gets better over time. Currently, my main goal is developing the prototype next generation device. Our first device will be a large phone-sized terminal that truly has the power to be an all-in-one solution for computing. Key features are replaceable batteries, screens, and support for desktop computing (at least two 4k monitors, keyboard, mouse, speakers/headphones). We are aiming to hit a 10+ year lifespan for the device, and want to provide a service that is far simpler and more affordable for users. The device will come preloaded with an unlimited data SIM that allows our users to have access to computing and connectivity for very cheap. Target pricing is around $35/month for the subscription, which will include the device if you prepay for at least a year up front.





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