I was Global Community Manager, Project Advisor and Ambassador in few blockchain projects (gaming and Defi), I have direct contact and great relations with DEX"es and CEX"es (from Mdex, Biswap to Lbank and many more less knows as well), I create the best experience for the all community as all theirs problems and issues being admitted directly after my review and classified for research on best resolution to existing problems, where me and my admins was constantly researching all nature of problems (from small ones based on lack knowledge of blockchain to much more complicated as internet providers in Asia countries blocking connections to metamask as extension on browsers) for this purposes I create the relative channels of technical support where community could clearly see and check for existing resolutions for theirs problems, which brings a lots of attention to whole Community, beside that I was working on "ISRRP" implementation to the game , as part of the main stability, sustainability for longevity of project, (Independent Source of Refiling the Reward Pool) and connection between two game platform in one (as theirs background world was connected so simply kind of making new platform could join the players from both games into one creating much more bigger attention and relations between the project owners and prospering as liquidity pool from both on them on each project , a small DeFi platform between for exchange the coins, and nft who could be used in main project site and in other connected for new platform, which bring much more utility for the nft already minted), beside that I was directly working with dev team and community , so all the backstage problems I could resolve directly with association of my moderators, team and owners of project. On top of that I was working in retail as customer service assistant in biggest store department in world Harrods Ltd, where I received Chairman"s Award For Excellence for Customer Service an going far beyond my duties, Actively I"m involved to promote Defi and Play2Earn on Asian market to educate and expand knowledge related to possibilities, opportunities and evolution of cryptocurrency as in not far future this will become the world financial system, as this is the genesis of concepts related to cryptocurrency. Waves Blockchain Certificate : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bWXgcJRCqJwp0DYBF0-gq9epn5MX5EYx/view?usp=sharing


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