Allow me to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Adam Root and I’m a creative go-getter with a passion for helping others. I often describe myself as a jack of all trades who wears many hats. I enjoy meeting and interacting with new people in my pursuit of challenges and personal development. As a United States Marine, I learned the finer points of Videography including composition, lighting, audio and video editing, interviewing, and animation. While deployed, I often found myself within a single-day turnaround time - meaning I’d go somewhere, film something, edit it, and send it off for review within a day. All of these things were accomplished, even in face of violence. Hey, does your company need an eager, go-getting veteran for diversity purposes? I’ll fill that role! In previous positions, I’ve lead small teams, coordinated and organize events, and grew comfortable speaking in front of crowds and to high-ranking officials. In one such role, I helped to organize a Hackathon event for over 100 Girl Scouts in South East Michigan. Oh yeah, I’m also an honorary Girl Scout - ask me about it some time. I live every day with a true excitement for video production and telling stories, but my passions don’t end there. I’ve become experienced in the area of instructing children in Computer Science, Coding, Robotics, Game Design, and yes - video production. Does your company work with children? So do I! My family is rather large itself, and I’ve always thought of myself as a big kid. Does your job require training other people? I’m great at that, in fact, and I enjoy doing it. If you’re looking for honest feedback rather than just another ‘yes-man’ - I’m your guy! I’ll give it to you straight, in a constructive and supportive manner. I’m told I’m exceptionally good at listening and tackling challenges with an analytical and empathetic mindset. I enjoy watching movies with my wife, exploring his craft of carpentry, and barbecuing with his friends. He hopes to one day build his own hunting cabin in the U.P. Looking forward, I’m seeking a career that will allow me to grow my leadership skills, so that I might become the best version of himself while performing meaningful work that helps people. My personal idiom: ‘Tried - Tested - True’, isn’t just a catch phrase I throw around. I’m the kind of guy that when I encounter a mountain in need of scaling, I figures out how to climb that mountain, and the only form of support I needs is someone telling me it can’t be done. I am a highly motivated, deeply dedicated individual who will work hard for you.


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