I connect leadership at tech, web3, and blockchain startups with A+ software engineers. 9+ years of experience in technical industries has allowed me to build a network that reaches well beyond your typical job board. Having started my career as a pilot before taking a coding bootcamp and launching a nutrition startup I’ve always had an interest in technical vocations. My love for technology made it easy to find my place in recruiting. My love for helping people & realizing the only way to provide top tier service was to build my own firm. This is what inspired me to open Pivotal Talent. Having "been there, done that" we pride ourselves on our unique understanding & insights on how to master hiring in the digital age. If you are a growing firm where every hire is critical to get right, or an engineer looking for a new challenge, let"s connect! Industries: E-Commerce Fintech Metaverse Blockchain Web3 Recent Placements: Sr 3D Artist - growing metaverse startup Sr Front End Engineer - hotel amenities app startup Sr Backend Engineer - e-commerce startup for scrubs Sr DevOps Engineer - e-commerce startup for groceries Backend Software Engineer - fintech startup for financial planners and advisors


Account ManagerBusiness Development ManagerRecruiter



Looking For

Build community / Host eventsMeet new peopleBuild a Team / Hire Talent