I have a proprietary software capable of remotely connecting to personally rented super computers that are hosted by data centers that are shared with the major retailers Target Walmart Newegg Bestbuy and Amazon. On these super computers im able to communicate with there websites in under 25 milliseconds , because the secret to this is location, otherwise known as ping . It inputs and outputs requests for highly sought after outrageously profitable items that are so highly contested for purchase at retail pricing they sell out in under 2-3 seconds. Which has created a current economy we’re there is no human being alive capable of ordering these products for the longest time I have spent optimizing this process studying and in business for a year now. This this new tool I have I am ready to take this to a new level that has no bounds and any other strategy alike will have no answer to its absolute optimization. With this in mind I’m able to then use this to tool to provide inventory for a sellers Amazon account and soon to be website , my average transaction for an item would read 426$ MSRP purchase versus a 700$ resale and because the shipping location is already set to arrive at a warehouse which is the buyer , that allows this process to be fully automated, while still undercutting every other reseller the internet has to offer . I’ve begun with a 2500$ car title loan. But put my life’s effort into designing this , my average profit per item I sell is about 60.2% after tax’s and the expensive overhead that comes with renting the required hardware. I also have sales tax exemption and pending contracts with retailers for employee discounting. Let there be no question , I am 100% confident that solely with financial backing , combined with my optimized and fully automated all in one checkout program, I can generate more return on investment than nearly any other business strategy conceivable. The funding I will use to of course purchase inventory. this business strategy is infinitely scalable. I believe 6999$ would be enough funding to be able to situate both my realistic essential needs as well provide me with an essential amount of minimal funding to meet the expectations of my need for a modest amount of inventory At. The same time I’ve proven in testing in concept that my program could arrange and maintain 60.2 % on average profit margins with any reasonable amount funding under about 280,000$ In the time it would take the average enterprise supply chain to ship mail in addition of a check to be written processed and cashed which can be as little as 4/5 days. In conclusion I’m aware of the dated labels such as the word “scalper” we as a society deem this idea. But also otherwise known as arbitrage to us business owners and professionals. With this in mind , after all my numbers are out of the red , I plan to deploy new strategies with the community in mind to share the wealth by not only donating a respectable percentage of income to multiple charities, but by also deploying applications that promote and educate those involved in the importance of credit, and provide unique ways of assistance to those in need, as well as those who wish to peruse there small business owner ideas.





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