Meet Ali Rehman Khan, a dynamic and multifaceted individual who has made a name for themselves as a social and tech entrepreneur, youth policy advocate, graphic and brand designer, and community and eco-system builder. With a passion for using technology to make a positive impact on the world, Ali Rehman Khan has been at the forefront of many exciting and innovative projects. From launching successful startups like #InnovativeNozzle and #DesignsCrunch that have made waves in the tech industry, to advocating for policies that support young people, he is always been driven by a desire to make a difference. In addition to their work in the tech and policy spheres, Ali Rehman Khan is also a talented graphic and brand designer. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a strong understanding of how to create engaging and effective visual designs, Ali Rehman Khan has helped many businesses and organisations to develop strong and distinctive brands. Having more then 2+ years of industry experience in this 2+ years he have served 15+ Clients worked on 100+ Projects mades 1000s of digitally and SEO optimised designs which helped in there add campaigns and on website and have boosted there company sales around 10-15% .Not only this he have saved around 260000$ and around 3200 hours of his clients through his #DesignsCrunch which they were investing on there in house designer before . But Ali Rehman Khan doesn"t just stop there. As a community and eco-system builder, he has dedicated themselves to creating networks and platforms that bring people together and support the growth and development of communities. Whether through the creation of online platforms, events . Overall, Ali Rehman Khan is a truly unique and inspiring individual who is making a real impact in the world through their work in technology, policy, design, and community building. Graphic Design Areas of Expertise: - Social Media Branding - Corporate Branding - Visual Identity - Web and Android Ui designs - Banner Design - Package Design - Presentations Designs Professional Skills : - Presentation Skill - Time management - Marketing - Project Management - Community Building - People Interaction - Partnership and collaborations - Communication Skills - Reading Writing Skills - Negotiations Skills - Collaborative - Creative 1) My Dribble portfolio Link : https://dribbble.com/alirehmankhan123 2) My Link-tree Link for Social handles : https://linktr.ee/alirehmankhan1 3) I am always open for collaboration and discussion feels free to book ur meeting on my given link https://zcal.co/i/7ev9D7tw


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