As a daughter of two high achieving parents, I never would have imagined making this statement: I"m grateful to be a recovering drug addict. One may wonder, "Why?" and the reason is simple. It"s because of recovery that my life"s purpose has changed. I"m no longer focused on climbing the corporate ladder and competing. Instead, as a result of recovering from a dark place in my life and receiving constant help and love, my desire is to pay it forward by mentoring other women and help them do the same! That desire to be of service has extended into my business life too. I spend much of my time looking for ways to provide value to others in the online space. When I learn about a problem others are experiencing, I seek to find solutions. That"s why when I heard about a new and unique way of crowdfunding, I decided to get involved! It"s a movement! The founder"s intention is to end world poverty. We have a solution to centralized control of our finances, through a decentralized digital wallet built on the blockchain. If you"re interested in hearing more about it, please let me know! I"m a student in the crypto space and want to learn more about dao"s, NFT"s, defi and Web 3.0 linktr.ee/alohadreamer


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