My name is Amie. I have 9 years of marketing experience, and I am skilled in all facets of digital marketing from SEO to PPC. I have strategized and managed digital marketing for companies with multi million dollar budgets. but I tend to find more purpose and creative freedom partnering with start ups. I find it to be incredibly rewarding when I am able to assist someone with accomplishing their goals and experiencing growth. I am a creative builder. I have been in the Web 3 space for approximately 1.5 years, and in this time period I have assisted over 20 creators and start ups in developing and organically doubling their social media following, created the concept and built the 3d environment for a VR game show, created various VR events, created AR filters and interactive content, as well as SEO optimized websites, and more which I will openly discuss with those I connect with. I have failed several times, and I improved immensely and owe all of my successes to failure. I get marketing. I get people. I genuinely care. The key to successful marketing is to have your entire business strategically centered upon continually providing value to your end user, and continually evaluating analytics to pinpoint areas that need improvement and optimize.


Content CreatorDigital Marketing ManagerSEO Specialist


Artificial IntelligenceAR/VRMarketingWeb3Diversity/Inclusion

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