I have been studying web development since 2016 and I develop in both JavaScript and PHP, though I primarily use JavaScript. I am experienced in both front and back-end development, and I am proficient in programming languages such as HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, LESS, SASS, JavaScript, Solidity, Rust, jQuery, AJAX, TypeScript and SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, and etc. I am also proficient in many blockchain skills, including but not limited to Solidity, Web3.js, and Ethers.js. And I have worked on some smaller Python projects, and have used the language to create Web Scrapping, Machine Learning, and creating bots Script. I am very familiar with libraries and frameworks such as React.js, Next.js, Node, Angular, Vue.js, Laravel, Ionic, Solidity, Web3.js, D3.js, Three.js, MUI, Tawilind CSS. Experience I am a JavaScript Certified Professional Web Developer and have been developing enterprise solutions using JavaScript libraries and frameworks since 2016. Also, I have worked for several big companies such as Javis, Atom, Starkasino, Dpoinbox, HTC. I worked as a full-stack or front-end developer in companies and my web and blockchain skills were a big help to the success of their projects. Here are my experienced fields: Gambling Site, Company Advertise Website, Traveling Site, Booking Site, Real-estate, Social Website, Defi, Digital Wallet, NFT minting and Marketplace and etc. Since 2017, I have been working with responsive design integration, and have experimented with several responsive techniques and tools. I have worked with React Bootstrap, common Bootstrap, and MUI. I am a very big fan of using bootstrap on my sites and I strive to design layouts that can easily be optimized for aesthetic appeal on each desktop, tablet, and cell phone. I have completed responsive integration throughout most of my projects.




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