*Not interested in crypto* In 2010 at 18 I started a clothing line AP for Women. A modesty clothing line going by the Islamic recommendations and I was manufacturing in China. I have done New York Fashion Week 5 times, a couple local in Maryland, and DC Fashion Week. I had the pleasure of having celebrity Summer Waynes walk in my show. I have been featured in many blogs, publications, and reality shows. I liquidated the company in 2014 because more money was going out than coming in. After AP for Women I got a normal office job. I quit less than a year because it was mentally taxing. Beige is all i saw in my cubical. I started delivering for Postmates. They were spamming Craigslist to hell so I decided “why not go to a sketchy part in Baltimore about a company that is brand new on the east coast”. While I was delivering for Postmates there was a local delivery company called OrderUp. I eventually made my way to begin driving for them and it was the best experience. After my time delivering food i started to dog watch for my uncle and at this time i was looking weed. Im in a big house with a dope dog for a week, and i needed to be entertained. I googled weed delivery and a website popped up. I gave it the good ole American try and place an order, had my friend pick me up so we can pick it up in DC. I fell in love with the concept. I would view the site just because and suddenly i saw a company place an ad that they need delivery drivers. You already know. As I am delivering for the company within a couple weeks I’m noticing everything horrible about the delivery system and the site. Here sparks the birth of Your Buds in High Places. Ive created and do create websites for other people, mainly Wordpress so I thought to give it a try. Ive have betas and testing but because I lack technical and financial assets, the launch of the website has be delayed year after year. In the beginning of 2022 I was asked to go to LA and dog sit. I know it sounds crazy but people are afraid of the big baby pitbull. My time in LA was eye opening that my website is still needed and what else thats needed now that im in the capital of weed. There has been other sites that have launched that still doesn’t come close to what is actually needed and wanted by the industry.




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