Writing - https://medium.com/@ygthb/subscribe or https://medium.com/@ygthb/membership Book time with me - https://calendar.app.google/C4orTria3bK1LDYf8 Formerly serving the DOD Innovation community as Entrepreneur in Residence within the U.S. Army"s modernization division - Army Futures Command > Army Applications Laboratory > Corporate Ventures - Art Trevethan is an entrepreneurial pioneer deeply involved in the startup and innovation landscape. He has worked closely with both traditional and unconventional Army suppliers, facilitating mutual growth and collaboration. Over his extensive 30-year career, Art has been instrumental in the founding, financing, and leadership of businesses spanning sectors such as AITech, SocialTech, MedTech, DevTech, and foundational technologies. Not only is he an entrepreneur at heart, but Art has also amassed an impressive network, leveraging his wisdom as an advisor to numerous companies in the DevTech, PrivacyTech, and SocialTech sectors. Currently, as Partner at RIIS Technologies, Art leverages his technical proficiency and entrepreneurial insight to advance the culture of innovation. His team is consistently updated on market and technology trends, seeking opportunities to infuse these insights into the ecosystem of solution providers who may not have previously partnered with the military or federal government. Possessing a comprehensive understanding of the industry and its needs, Art"s expertise proves invaluable in aiding RIIS to comprehend the wider community and its requirements, as well as elements it wishes to avoid. Through this role, he is not only elevating the innovation landscape but also supporting the warfighter and strengthening the governments" relationship with non-traditional companies.


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