Adam Father 42 Male Rockstar chef Crypto enthusiast D&D DM MTG Halo CoD AI Artist Music Dancing Singing Freestyling Parties I usually make amazing pizzas for a living, but I took some time off to take care of, as well as spend more time with, my daughter. I also wanted to try my hand at working from home. As a side gig, I try to help those who are less fortunate. I usually attempt to send links to(mostly free) crypto mining apps, and apps to create A.I art to sell as NFTs. I really enjoy networking and trying to grow my network and knowledge base, while sharing what I learn with those around me. This would actually be the 1st time that I ventured into the professional world. Everybody"s gonna start somewhere, right?




ArtArtificial IntelligenceSocial ImpactCryptoDiversity/Inclusion

Looking For

Build community / Host eventsFind a Job, Gig, or InternshipLearn and get advice