I am Ava – the founder of Avalanche Forecast, or shortly – Avafore (AF). Our story and current situation: We are – Avalanche Forecast – a financial consulting company. We seek an opportunity to establish the new relations with the Investors, Partners and Digital Marketing professionals. For your information, please, visit our YouTube channel (we had some free broadcasting there) Avalanche Forecast - YouTube Out Intro video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGh6ABieE2w We also made some test broadcastings here: https://www.twitch.tv/foreava Our business is supercompact, it doesn’t need the serious hard-capital investments, it needs the minimal personnel, it doesn’t need transport services. All of that gives us the low costs. Another aspect: we work on very money bountiful market – the Stock Exchange & Forex. There is nearly all the money of this world. People in it say “good bye” to millions of dollars easy, each day. We, the Sellers of Trading Signals – come to the world markets with experience; 99% of these markets’ participants come there with their money. As the famous byword of Stock Exchange traders tells: “people who come to the Market with money – go away with the experience. People who come to the Market with the experience – go away with money”. We sell the subscription for our Trading Signals through our website. We are stronger than our competitors because we have 7 different trading systems and AI EAs based on each of them. Our competitors (99% of them) rely on only one method of market analysis. That makes their view partial and not as effective as ours. Also, we plan to rely more on on-line real-time signal delivery to our clients. About 90% of our competitors rely on postings or email messaging once a week. The challenge: When Avafore came to the stage - 100% ready to launch and no more pre-start works were needed, my business partner, left me – because of his health and family problems. Now, I am all alone. The needs: I need the new team members, investors, business partners. The main problem I have – is the deficit of adequate connections. I will be very grateful to You, if I’ll be able to launch this business unit’s operations, relying on the resource of attracted investor/partner. All other problems of AF’s launch and work are solvable in the work process, as it is. The selling of trading signals is the top of Hi-Fin-Tech business, I have all the critical data to start it, but I can not do it all alone. Probably, I need somebody for the COO/CTO/CMO position. To have an entire team - is even better. But, most of all I need a simple thing: the new website + SEO + Google-ads organization. For the investors/partners: The analysis of cashflow and costs had been done – and it comes to RROI (Rate of Return on Investments) as proportion 10/1~20/1 – which means from $10 to $20 of return on each invested $1. The approximate estimation of AF value (for 100% of its shares) is ~$10M. The structure of AF costs is even more interesting: it is very simple. Up to 90% of all expenses after the launch – is for the Digital Marketing, SEO and Ad-campaigns. That’s nearly all. There is nearly for nothing else to spent AF’s money, as the necessary costs: there are no others. The launch expenses might be different. The minimal budget to start is ~$75K. Every thousand more – is desirable. We consider $100K budget as the optimal to start. For our clients, we provide: • Acute, objective and concrete market forecasts and signals in the easy understandable form • Reliable technologies of analytical work with the Stock Exchange instruments • Unique complex approach to the market analysis • Direct access to every our trade advice and signal from any of your e-devices • Opportunity to use any of your trade platforms concurrently and independently from our signal dataflows • Effective minimization and better control of your trade risks • Effective diversification of your market analytical tools Do you wish to know more details? Please, contact me: write me the direct message here – on Entre. I will be glad to talk to any interested people who have something to put on the table.




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