Luminary - Preditor - Tech Incubator - Bboy Pioneer - Entrepreneur Hobbyist This is why I am called Bboy Peter Pan in the Breakin Scene (35+ Year Background with Breakdancing) - https://youtu.be/WFOqil55fW0 Please visit my homepage. I am a senior web developer with over 20 years experience who offers excellent web hosting, web design packages, NFT and ICO campaigns via Ethereum and Polygon - https://bboypan.com - http://curtishedges.com - https://decentralmint.com https://beyondstreetcred.com - Check out this NFT project to create a hip hop dance motion picture that gives 10% of its mint and all royalties from secondary sales back to St. Judes Children Research Hospital. Plus rewards, giveaways, free air drops, 100 NFTs have unique rarity out of 5000 total, and 1 lucky holder gets a cameo in the film. All holders get to watch the film unlimited through the website after debut. Michael Chambers, Cynthia Rothrock and the best dancers in the world are ready to make this happen! Minting first week of November 2021. http://obsgroup.org - I sponsor international Breakdancing federations, leagues, associations and provide individual dancer resources. We offer a Polygon NFT access token to gain access to the websites features and our Metaverse land on the Sandbox game @ Land 87,80. Please visit my science news channel that I created with over 50K+ Followers called EnergyMath - https://facebook.com/energymath 15K+ Professional followers over Linkedin. Connect with me - https://linkedin.com/in/curtishedges I helped introduce the first Hoverboard brand to the world as the director of IO Hawk. Quoted in Wired Magazine - https://www.wired.com/2015/06/the-weird-story-of-the-viral-chinese-scooter-phunkeeduck-io-hawk/ I was a producer on several independent 🛸 UFO documentaries from (2006 - 2016) - https://m.imdb.com/name/nm3970681/ My directorial debut was a documentary on Vortex Math called Randy’s Donuts. You can watch that here - https://youtu.be/CVS4_9EXgbs At the end of the day Im looking to ride the next 🌊.





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