I am an executive director & consultant that has been helping boards, founders, and entrepreneurs develop Web1, 2, and 3 for over two decades. I scaled my environmental social platform to sale in less than 5 years with no venture capital, and worked with Fortune 500 companies on their first (internationally viral) brand influencing campaigns. In Web3 I now specialize in board matters such as Seed & Series raises, leadership strategy, and documentation or planning with consensus mechanisms, Metaverse, NFTs, Blockchain, AI, and VR/MR/AR integrations into Web2 platforms, apps, and softwares. I am the Founder of the Academic Web3 Conference and Executive Director of it’s parent nonprofit aWeb3c, as well as a Ph.D. researcher at the California Institute. I’ve always believed in the opportunity that technology has to evolve humanity which is why my scholarly work and thesis is on developing Compassionate Technology.




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