Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. That"s what Tech and Web3 are all about, solving real-world problems with the user in mind, first. We’re moving fast, making an impact, and just getting started. I am driven by hiring #AllTheGreatMinds. I take pride in providing the best candidate experience possible. Before life at RocketX, I was a Recruitment Consultant at Opus RS, specialising in JavaScript Recruitment. Before Opus RS, I spent several years working in the Hospitality Industry, where I learned transferable skills. Recruitment is based on having a human connection with someone, a recruiter is more than a supplier of CVs, we are partners, collaborators and advisors. At RocketX, I focus on Tech Recruitment and Key Hires within the EU, working exclusively with some of the EU"s brightest, most exciting and societal-positive start-ups and scale-ups. I thrive in rapidly growing, innovative organizations, I’m passionate about technology and providing the best recruiting experience for candidates and my hiring manager. I love travelling the world and eating my way through the places I visit. In my spare time, I’m a volunteer advisor and consultant for Web3 Agencies and DAOs and/or playing with the nearest dog. Specialities: - Seminar Training - Recruiting - Leadership Training and Development - Business Coaching - Change Management - Staff Development Programs - Performance and development - People Management - Employee Relations & Welfare - Human Resources Development - Talent Development Programmes





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