Hey there, I"m just a 19-year-old who stumbled upon the world of making money online in 2020 during the whole COVID situation. It was a crazy time, but it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of the digital landscape. Right now, I"m running a Facebook marketing agency that specifically caters to solar energy companies. It"s been about a year since I started my agency, but I have to admit, I"m not seeing the mind-blowing results I had hoped for. That"s where I could really use some guidance. You see, I"ve chosen not to go to college, but that doesn"t mean I"m not willing to put in the work and learn from those who have already made it big in the online business world. I"m not fixated on finding someone with their own agency; what I truly desire is to connect with someone who has managed to establish a reliable source of income without a college degree. I"d be absolutely thrilled if you could spare some time to offer me advice, or even consider allowing me to intern or shadow you. I"m willing to work for free, no strings attached. Your mentorship would mean the world to me, and I truly believe it could be the turning point in my journey. If you"re open to supporting an ambitious young entrepreneur like me, please reach out. I"m eager to learn from your experiences, absorb your wisdom, and apply it to my own path. Your guidance could be the missing piece that propels me toward reaching my dreams. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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