Hello Everyone, my name is Bernardt Vogel, I currently work as a Sr. Associate at VU Venture Partners and a Venture Analyst for New World Angels. In both roles, I have actively engaged in sourcing, analyzing, and executing investments, as well as supporting startups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. I have invested in over 30 startups as an angel investor and advised startups through various organizations such as Consilience Ventures, Captable Coalition, Web3 Venture House, Republic, Vitalize VC, and the Government Blockchain Association. I was born in the Dominican Republic and spent most of my childhood living between Nicaragua and the US. I graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor"s in business administration and went on to complete an MBA from Babson College. My ultimate goal is to make meaningful contributions to the world through venture capital by championing more mindful, purposeful investing. I plan to continue offering my values, principles, and perspectives, sharing my observations about the future, technology, and my curiosities. As a VC, I firmly believe that my job is to build a better tomorrow, and I am proud to do everything in my power to help achieve this goal.


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