You name it I’ve done it. Having spent over a decade in the hospitality and events industries including venue management, beverage Director, Festival producer and general manager, I have been responsible for people things in time and made that my wheelhouse. When the world collectively shut down, it allowed me to focus on the skills I already had, but to fine-tune them and polish my craft. Photography, videography, editing and design, writing and storytelling, I now have a clear voice as they say as to how I defined the world artistically. This of course like with anything will continue to grow in flux as I do in the world does. Change is the only constant. I am seeking a Home to dedicate the skills to among a group of creatives lending my voice to an open dialogue on art in the future of it. Like a chameleon I can adapt when asked to participate in someone else’s vision, but can also produce any number of creative campaigns and projects left to my own devices.


Content CreatorWriterEducatorArtistAspiring EntrepreneurVideographerConsultantPhotographer


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