Starting from middle of 2018 began proactively working on blockchain related projects as a Blockchain Software Architect. My experiences range from creating both Front-end Blockchain applications to Backend Architecture design and implementation, Smart Contract Development, Unity3D Game Development, NFT, testing, auditing and development for Fintech and other industries that need the power of decentralization, tokenization, and smart contracts. Expertise in Public Blockchain Platforms: Ethereum | Solana | Binance Smart Chain Developing smart contracts by Solidity and Rust programming languages. Developing RPC using client libraries such as Web3.js. Static analysis of smart contracts for gas consumption and optimization using Remix IDE. Securing smart contracts using libraries like OpenZeppelin. Developing Ethereum dApps using Truffle framework. Integration with crypto wallets such as Metamask & Phantom. Deploying smart contracts on test networks such as ropsten/rinkeby as well as ethereum/solana mainnet. Expertise in Private & Consortium Blockchain Platforms Hyperledger Fabric Developing Chaincode using the Go programming language. Developing proof of concepts using Hyperledger Composer. Integration with Fabric Java SDK. Creating RESTful APIs for client applications to communicate with the blockchain network. Creating channels, orderers, and peers. Deployment and instantiation of Chaincode on channels on cloud services like IBM Bluemix and Amazon AWS. I hold expertise with: - Software Architecture / Software Engineering / Software Testing - Solidity / Rust / Golang - React / ExpressJS / Vue.js / Next.js / Angular.js - Unity3D Game Development / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality - MongoDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL / MSSQL - Laravel / PHP / WordPress / Magento - Heroku / VPS / Amazon Web Services (AWS) / Digital Ocean - Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Trello, Backlog, etc. Here are the applications that I"ve built so far. - Dapp, DeFi development - NFT game/marketplace development on Ethereum & Solana blockchains in Solidity & Rust - Unity3D NFT Game - Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain token development on ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, BEP20, BEP721 & BEP1155 protocols - ICO / ITO / IDO / STO, Cryptocurrency exchange & Cryptocurrency wallet Development Further Expertise & Work Deliverables in Blockchain: DApp for Supply Chain Management for Food Industry DApp implementation in Philanthropy DApp for Anti-Counterfeiting in the Pharmaceutical Industry Worked on Protocols like Ethereum, IBM Hyperledger, Stellar SetUp of a Permission-based Consortium Network Implementation of Private, Public and Permission-based network Thanks for your kind attention





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