What does the future of work look like? No longer is working harder and working smarter enough. The next core competency and skill set tied to leadership is how we are able to work together. The BraveCore Method gives the next generation of leaders the guidance and direction of how to work together with the help of timeless principles. Learn here @ www.bravecore.co Co-Creation can unlock the passion of your people and activate a thriving culture. ---------------------------------------------- CAREER HIGHLIGHTS * Co-founder @BraveCore. A consultancy that helps leaders become powered by principles and partners with organizations to facilitate co-creation. * CoAuthor of upcoming book- Brave Together: Lead by Design, Spark Creativity, And Shape the Future with the Power of Co-Creation. Publisher: McGraw-Hill. To be released OCT 2023. * Developed curriculum, tools and a framework to help leaders be brave creatively with a focus on culture transformation. * Co-Host of podcast called Lead with a Question featured in Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, iHeartRadio etc… * Articles featured in major publications as a writer. Main themes include #futureofwork, #cocreation, #leadershipdevelopment, #workplaceculture, #creativity Looking to co-create with others in StartUps, Crypto, Storytelling and Tech. Let’s connect. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-clawson-bravecore Twitter: @bravecore_co Instagram: @influence.bydesign https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lead-with-a-question/id1631887896


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