I am a serial entrepreneur who has founded many community based organizations over the years who is now jumping into the private sector! My latest project is Aníos Industries, a technology company looking to revolutionize the space tourism industry. Reach out to me if you would like to learn more about Aníos and how you can work with us to help bring people to the stars. Additionally, I am the board president of PGH Museums, a nonprofit media company I founded in November of 2019. PGH Museums is a nonprofit online magazine covering the local culture of western Pennsylvania through our blog, podcasts, video content, and event calendar. PGH Museums also has the most comprehensive directory of museums, galleries, and historic sites in the region making cultural treasures accessible to enthusiasts. In 2019, I did work as a media specialist with the Pittsburgh Thunderbirds, a professional sports franchise with the American Ultimate Disc League. With the Thunderbirds I have conducted player and coach interviews. In 2016, I founded the Millvale Music Festival, a yearly event, which hosts more than five thousand people, and works with more than 200 bands at more than 20 venues. During my time with the festival, I managed a team of volunteers to complete our operational goals, handled all press coverage leading into and following the event, and led the festival marketing campaigns. I stepped away from the festival in early 2019 to form PGH Museums. In 2015, I created The River"s Edge media company which reached over twenty thousand listeners each month. At The River"s Edge, I served as the station manager, managing all network content, network marketing, and media inquiries in addition to hosting my own talk radio show and several special programs. I left The River"s Edge to form PGH Museums.


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