Extensive Business Development and B2B Sales Experience. - Team leader with experience in building highly efficient sales teams - Passionate about technology, machine learning, AI and Computer Vision solutions. - Expertise: Business Development, Strategic partnerships and Risk mitigation - Working on expanding the market presence for Visionify in manufacturing and logistics industries. At my current company Visionify.ai, we specialize in custom solutions using Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Our team specializes in: - Computer Vision technologies (NVIDIA, Tensorflow, TensorRT, PyTorch) - Embedded/IoT Development (RTOS, IoTEdge Frameworks) - Multi-cloud compliant (AWS, Azure, GCP) - End-to-end solution development (Full-stack + Embedded + Computer Vision solutions). - Offices in Denver, Colorado and Mumbai, India Some recent projects: - Out-of-Stock detection (Retail) - Factory Vision (Assembly Line Anomaly Detection) (Manufacturing) - Safety and Compliance for Construction Industry - Audience Measurement (Malls) - Face detection and recognition solutions (Security) - Intelligent Document OCR (Logistics) You can reach me at [email protected]




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