As a young professional, I’ve been introduced to a wide variety of businesses and revenue models. Early in my career, I founded an organization where profitability came down to minute efficiencies throughout the value chain. You could say I learned my being thrown into the fire. These experiences taught me how to do almost every job that exists in a DTC company. I’ve become adept at driving top-line revenues on digital platforms while simultaneously streamlining the processes that lead to the end customer receiving the products. These experiences allow me to identify unique opportunities that I use to better structure and grow the organizations I’m involved in. I do this by identifying and analyzing all of the individual moving parts of a business to maximize output while simultaneously decreasing costs. I went on to help a handful of organizations develop Standard Operating Procedures, model profitability, and streamline internal processes. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that many companies fall into the mindset of “that’s how we’ve always done it”. This mindset affects everything from profitability to company culture and is a burden that can even restrict top-line revenue growth. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing new perspectives and sharing the knowledge that I have gained through my experiences with the rest of the world. I educate, refine, and drive myself to be better than I was yesterday. I do this by focusing on making high-quality decisions, I stay calm when faced with adversity, and I’m constantly learning because I never settle. I also excel at the execution of big ideas with available resources. I put the customer at the center of everything I do and my gut instinct is strong but I seek data for my decisions. Connect with me on here or on Linkedin. I"m always happy to network and meet new people!





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