I am a freelance podcast editor. I help hosts launch their shows, edit their audio/video episodes, and create short-form video content. šŸŽ™ Calendly.com/CameronSuorsa/30min I am a UX/UI Designer at Entre. Have a question about the app or just want to talk? Schedule a meeting with me and we will have a call here on the Entre app: šŸ“ˆ Calendly.com/CameronSuorsa/Entre-30min As an Innovator - I am always looking for ways to better things in my community. I am passionate about leadership, public speaking, podcasting, design, and photography. It is my dream to one day become a serial entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. šŸ”— Linkedin.com/in/CameronSuorsa I am building a platform to help podcasters streamline the way they create content. If you have a podcast... I would love to interview you and learn about your experiences! šŸŽ™ Sidekickk.com


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Learn and get adviceBuild a Team / Hire TalentBuild community / Host events