Christian / Eagle Scout / Husband Lance has always had a passion for people, communication, and strategy. In 2011, he graduated from Wheaton College (IL) with a B.A. - Communication. He and his wife (Karyn) were married on June 12, 2021. She is his biggest encourager and best friend. This venture would not be possible without her support and partnership. When Lance is not pursuing his passions at  Capsoul, you can find him going on adventures with Karyn. They love camping in the Carolina mountains, escaping to the Carolina shores, or training for a half-marathon together. A Family Affair: Karyn is Lance"s better half, partner, biggest encourager, and supporter. Lance is the middle of three brothers. His older brother, Chazz, runs his own company in Washington, DC, and helps Lance blaze his own path with Capsoul on the Board of Advisors. His younger brother, Trace, is his also on the Board of Advisors and has served as a key operations and execution thought leader. His Dad serves on the Board of Advisors to provide perspective as a Capsoul user and wisdom as an experienced business leader. His Mom is the one who gave him the idea for this service in the first place, and she serves as a thought-provoking force and encourager on the uncertain road of innovation.


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