I am 34 years old, born in Ecuador. Studied business and architecture. I am a Vegan and like skateboarding. I recently learned animal communication via meditation. I am analytical, action-oriented and have worked in Telecom for over a decade. Resilient entrepreneur with a business and design background. I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life trying to solve connectivity problems, specifically lack of internet access for most people in emerging countries. Worked at a local (Ecuador) ISP for several years trying to innovative solutions. Then, I developed the first Wi-Fi marketing platform in Latin America, and worked as regional Wi-Fi marketing director for a multinational company managing teams in over 6 countries connecting more than 50 million people. I also Co-founded RedFenix, the first and only Wi-Fi solution in Latam aimed for the base of the pyramid businesses helping them increase their income by selling micro Wi-Fi recharges, which was backed by Start-Up Chile, CORFO, i3Lab, Smart Araucania amongst others. My latest startup https://wayru.org is an Internet Service Provider with Distributed Ownership for the urban developing world. We aim to bring reliable, affordable, fast and cheap Internet access to people in emerging countries.




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