To apply for open roles visit: https://bit.ly/chiburapply CHIBUR build brands and products for artists and community organizations. We ensure all strategic actions work towards achieving the mission of the brand, without compromising on values, in the most efficient way possible. We value: transparency sustainability being proactive listening and being present, and having fun. More of what we do: • Create documentation about the nuts and bolts of world-class software platforms and brands • Create engaging and timely content. Including articles, blogs, websites, and video. Develop and execute publication strategy, track performance and optimize • Develop and implement communication plans to boost brand recognition and awareness, reach target markets, and generate revenue for new brands and products • Drive business and revenue growth by creating comprehensive product and sales training curricula • Organize and execute high caliber events and experiences tailored to brand"s goals • Identify and tap into the unique innate passions of people and direct that energy and motivation towards projects creating high-performance, mentally healthy teams Brands and Products: QUOKA, Project IA, Bootstrap Publications, Zen Zone Miami, ParticipatenN, RootsBoost, and MNM Intellectual Property. Find out more online at www.chibur.info


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