One of my first memories in school, is going to a parents evening and having my teacher tell my parents, "Chris is definitely one of my most talkative, no matter where I move him in class he communicates with everyone!" Throughout my life I have developed this art of being able to communicate with anyone at any given time. From selling candy out of my locker in school to working in my dads corner shop to selling luxury watches, I learnt all these businesses had the same basis and what made me successful was my key to communicate from a young age. However developing these skills throughout my teenage years made me realise I wanted more from life so after meeting an angry Scotsman we decided to start something of our own company. The birth of Dominion Wholesale and after 6 months of hard work our first product finally arrived on the shores of the Uk and now my work really begins. I'm tackling sales on a massive scale and its scary for me but follow my journey to show others its possible no matter the set backs.





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