Chris is the Crypto, Blockchain & FinTech Manager at SCALERR, specialising in Product and Sales talent across the globe. Chris helps businesses in the Crypto, Blockchain & FinTech space expand both locally and internationally, consulting his clients on how they can move their business forward. He has been described as having a mindset of excellence in searching for global talent. He strives to connect the best professionals to the right position. Chris has been in the crypto & blockchain space since 2017 as an Investor, Educator, Student, Community Manager and Recruitment Consultant. He has deep-dived into all areas of crypto including Layer 1’s, Layer 2’s, IDOs, ICOs, Web2 and Web3, Metaverse and NFT as well as technical analysis, learning how to trade, and teaching others how to do the same. Chris has worked with some of the biggest crypto companies in the world such as Binance, Circle & Fireblocks as well as start-ups like AlphaWallet and Mantra Dao. He has provided high-quality talent to his clients filling a wide range of roles such as Head of Product, Director of Operations, Sales Director, Product Managers, Product and UX/UI Designers and more!





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