I"m a co-founder and CEO at Plant3r. Our mission is to empower people in urban and suburban areas to regain their "food freedom" regardless of capabilities or prior knowledge. The pandemic has exposed how vulnerable the food system is, and we feel that NOW is the time to solve that problem in every community across the world. If you know anyone who might be interested, please let us know or share the links to the positions below. Here is our company profile and Roles: https://gusher.co/startups/plant3r ROLES- Chief Marketing Officer - CMO 2% equity Chief Technology Officer - CTO 2% equity Packaging Designer 1% equity Social Media Manager 1% equity Full Stack AR Developer 2% equity Chief Financial Officer - CFO 1% equity Creative Director 1% equity Front End Developer 2% equity UI/UX Designer 2% equity Back End Developer 2% equity


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