💻 Coaching spiritual+introverted entrepreneurs to ditch self-doubt & 🎥 anxiety, mutating them > into confident leaders 😊 Purpose-Driven Mindset Performance Coach 🎤 TEDx Speaker - Consistently Take Action (CTA) 📱 Content Creator - Across all Media Channels 🧠 Mental Health Advocate - YOU Are Not Alone ♥️ Deep Empath - I Care About Humanity 👉🏽 For over 9 years, I"ve dedicated my life to Personal Growth, becoming a BOLDER version of myself and challenging my mind to CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTION towards my ultimate dream of serving others and inspiring them through my own experiences. If I can go from a super SHY INTROVERT, to becoming an AMBIVERT, then I believe so can YOU!👌🏽 📌 I found my true purpose in coaching & speaking then started spreading my BOLD experiences on stages across the UK. This led to my first TEDx Talk in early 2020 sharing my story and encouraging others to self regulate & CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTION (CTA) in life, to find their own inner CONFIDENCE towards their dreams, aspirations and goals without ever losing hope or belief in themselves. 🤓 Expertise & Topics that I cover in my Coaching & Speaking: - Psychology of Sales in Business - Psychology of Human Behaviour - Servant Leadership - Leading From The Heart - Social Media Marketing / Content Creation - Personal Branding For Entrepreneurs - Video Editing Skills & Tools - Setting Healthy Boundaries - Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection / Opinions - Networking & Building Strong, Deep Relationships Sadiq’s Coaching Framework: 1. VISION👀 – writing down your long term vision of where you see yourself in the future: Split them up into Business | Life 2. STRATEGY📝 – Getting familiar with a daily / weekly routine that can be prioritised into daily action steps 3. MINDSET🧠 – continue to work on your limiting beliefs, traumas, mental health, self care/love routines & day-to-day struggles 4. SKILLSET✍️ – figure out what skills you currently need to learn in order to progress in your business journey (e.g – confidence, outreach, social media, marketing, psychology of sales etc) 5. ENERGY⚡ – WHAT are the things in your life that currently drain you the most & WHO are they as well The 3 areas of life that I believe we need to work towards creating healthy boundaries for: 1️⃣ Mind🧠 2️⃣ Body🦾 3️⃣ Soul💫 We dive deeper into these areas through daily coaching conversations & communication 📱 If you’re looking for a purpose-driven Mindset Performance Coach & need some guidance towards your growth - Connect & Join me on a transformative journey towards your full potential 🗓️💻


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