💻Coaching spiritual & introverted entrepreneurs to build soulful empires aligned with their ✨values, 👀vision & purpose❤️ 😊 Purpose-Driven Business & Mindset Coach 🎤 TEDx Speaker - Consistently Take Action 🔔 Featured on Yahoo 📱 Content Creator - Across all Media Channels 🧠 Mental Health Advocate - Speak Up & Ask For Help ♥️ Deep Empath - I Care About What Others Are Feeling 🎙️ Podcast Host - Sadiq & Amin’s Trustworthy Truths For over 8 years, I have dedicated my life to Personal Growth, becoming a BOLDER version of myself and pushing my mind to CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTION towards my ultimate dream of serving others and inspiring them through my own experiences. If I can go from a super SHY INTROVERT, to becoming an AMBIVERT, then I believe so can YOU! I found my true purpose in speaking & coaching and started spreading my naturally high ENERGY on stages across the UK. Then, giving my first ever TEDx Talk in early 2020 sharing my story and encouraging others to CONSISTENTLY TAKE ACTION (CTA) in life and then to find their own inner CONFIDENCE towards their dreams, aspirations and goals without ever losing hope or belief in themselves. I believe that many people in Business struggle because they forget to create boundaries, usually have no guidance, mentorship or coaching and that’s why I absolutely love taking people from being stuck, confused and overthinking - to CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and TAKING MORE ACTIONS towards their life’s purpose. Some of the KEY IMPORTANT SKILLS that I coach people on in their Business are: - Psychology of Sales - Online & Offline - Psychology of Human Behaviour - Gaining Trust & Credibility Through Text Messages - Influencing People To Make Bold Decisions - Servant Leadership - Leading From The Heart - Social Media Marketing / Content Creation - Personal Branding For Professionals - Video Editing For Better Engaged Content - Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection - Public Speaking & Storytelling - Networking & Building Strong Deep Relationships If you’re looking for a purpose-driven Business & Mindset Coach and need some support towards your growth - I'd love to have a deep conversation with you to see if we align then SERVE you powerfully :) Feel free to shoot me a connection request with a NOTE and I look forward to scheduling a Call with you soon! :D


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