Coco Elysses is a producer, award winning music director, composer, conductor. musician, beat maker, actress, voice-over artist, screenwriter, doula and published poet. She is also the Chair of the venerable AACM. She has performed at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival, Made in Chicago Jazz Festival in Poznan, Chicago Jazz Festival, Hyde Park Jazz Festival, An Insolent Noise Festival in Pisa, Italy. Havana Jazz Festival, Chicago Asian American Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, SESC Jazz Pompéia, São Paulo, Brazil and The Bridge 2.9 tour in France. A few of her discography includes The Best of the Miyumi Project, Skylanding- The Music of Yoko Ono, Nicole Mitchell’s Africa Rising and Resurrection Suite with Ben LaMar Gaye & Carlos Pride. Best of Miyumi Project.





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