Opemipo Disu is a 16-year-old Developer Advocate at Entre with over 5 years of experience. Opemipo is a Keynote speaker and he is passionate about making things more accessible to everyone, he"s from Lagos, Nigeria. he"s passionate about contributing to open source projects and loves making YouTube tutorials too. Opemipo is on a mission to inspire over 500 million Developers, and he"s also on a mission to make Web and AI more accessible to all Developers. Opemipo has spoken in over 50 tech conferences and he has also been spotlighted by top tech communities like the Facebook Developer Circle: Toronto. He’s the first youngest person ever to become the top contributor of the IBM Community, he’s also working on inspiring over 500,000 people all around the world. Opemipo has also built a very strong reputation in Canada and Nigeria where he’s mostly known for what he does. Opemipo is an IBM Champion, the youngest IBM Watson Programmer, the youngest JAMstack Developer, he is also one of the top contributors in the IBM Community, and a Developer Advocate too. He runs a YouTube channel, Opemipo"s Thoughts where he does coding tutorials and has tech talks also. Opemipo is a Developer with over 4 awards, he"s also the lead for JAMstack Lagos and the youngest Bitrise Expert. Currently, Opemipo works for Entre as a Developer Advocate.


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