My name is Allen Holmes i am a fitness influencer and model. I have experience as a model working for numerous brands as a brand ambassador creating content videoshoots and photoshoots for brands ive worked with. Im also a personal trainer i have been training for 15 years now. I have experience in sales as a personal trainer and experience in the fitness industry. I am up and comming in the fitness industry planning to get my pro card this summer and compete in bodybuilding. I have been personal training for 5 years and a half now and also doing online coaching for a few monthes now. I like to hit the gym atleast 4 to 5 times a week. As a bodybuilder and personal trainer i feel i embody what it takes to be an athlete for your team and continue to take over the fitness industry.  I am 33 years old in my prime feeling amazing and ready to take my fitness journey to the next level. I have my first bodybuilding competition comming up this year. Ive also competed in a few virtual competitions to help gain some experience during the pandemic. I take pride in helping people reach their fitness goals and gain confidence in themselves and also training for myself to take over the fitness game. In my time training i want to be remembered for being one of the strongest most motivated progress-focused guy in the fitness industry. In the next 5 years i see myself competing for mr olympia and ownint my own gym. That has been my dream since a kid and i plan on making that dream come true. Social media links/contact information 646-353-6837 Email- [email protected] https://m.facebook.com/Llcoolaj18 2500 followers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHmympNuvvah-sPdR_T8PYA https://www.instagram.com/coolaj_stayfit/ 101.8k followers tiktok.com/@coolaj_stayfit 30.8 followers


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